Western Building Center, has served Northwest Montana for 60 years, and we are still growing. Newest to the list of services is our new state of the art Building Components plant in Columbia Falls. This high-tech plant manufactures Roof Truss, Pre-Fab Wall Panels, and Floor Trusses. WBC Building Components began manufacturing June of 2008, with the same mission as all WBC operations; The Best Quality Products, World Class Service at Competitive Prices.

Prime Window Replacement Programs

There is two parts to the Prime Window Replacement Programs The first part is local Energy companies offering rebate programs for window replacement.

Prime Window Rebate Programs

Flathead Electric

Flathead Electric Cooperative is offering incentives for window replacement in your existing single family, multi-family, and manufactured homes which are electrically heated.

  • FEC will reimburse $6.00 per square foot of window area for qualifying replacement windows in electrically heated homes only.
  • Existing windows must be either single pane wood or metal frame, (with or without storms), or double pane windows with metal frames.
  • Prime window replacements must meet Energy Star requirements and have a u-value of .30 or less. Patio doors must have a u-value of .35 or less. Replacement installation that results in increased window area is not allowed under this program.

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Mission Valley Power

  • Mission Valley Power wants to encourage building owners to replace existing windows with premium Energy Star® rated or better windows for greater energy savings and comfort.  This program is not intended for new commercial construction.  This program is only for existing window replacements  in electrically heated  buildings.
  • The minimum required U Value is U=.30 or better (the lower the U Value the higher the R value of the window, e.g. a U Value of .29 or .28 is better than .30).
  • Customer needs to request a window application. Customer needs to complete window application, attach a copy of the window receipt with the window sizes and the NFRC labels from the windows and return to the Mission Valley Power Pablo Office.
  • Mission Valley Power will credit the customer account in the amount of  $3.00 per square foot for qualified installed windows in existing site built and manufactured building applications.

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Northwestern Energy

Northwestern Energy doe's not have a Prime Window Replacement program at this time.

Lincoln Electric Cooperative

Lincoln Electric Cooperative doe's not have a Prime Window Replacement program at this time.

American Recovery Act of 2009  (not valid after 12/31/10)

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 says that homeowners can get a tax credit of up to $1,500. This is good for 2009 and 2010. In order to qualify, the window must have NFRC rating of .30 or better on the U-Factor and the solar heat gain co-efficiency.  For more information go to www.NFRC.org .  Use IRS tax form 5695 (2009 version).  This might be a good year to invest in new windows. Remember to check out the windows ratings before you buy them. Keep the NFRC sticker that should come on all new windows (It’s a sticker on the glass of all new windows) and it has all the info that you need to prove that it is a green window, and qualifies for the tax credits.