Ty Buys and Kimmy Bargens

green house bucketIt’s early May! Should I plant my garden yet? An old farmer once told me “You don’t plant till the last of the snow is off Columbia Mountain.” Well, I can’t wait. Luckily for me, I just brought in to my store (WBC Kalispell) the Greenhouse Bucket miniature portable greenhouses. They are like a 5 gallon bucket that I can put over my plants that need the extra help in the cold spring days here in Western Montana. I planted 3 pepper plants and 3 tomato plants last night. I was concerned this morning to wake up to 21 degrees and heavy frost. However the Greenhouse Bucket was warm to the touch. It was thick with condensation on the inside and the little pepper plants were nice and warm. The bucket has an integrated vent system in the top of the bucket to let in fresh air. I am sold and so should you. Get your Made in America Greenhouse Bucket at your local Western Building Center ¬†only $11.99 each.

View more details at the Greenhouse Bucket Product page. Check out our lawn and garden page for even more great outdoor products.

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