handcrafted log homesNo, we don’t make log homes or supply raw logs (sorry!), but we do supply all kinds of log home maintenance supplies, serving Montana Log Home builders and owners like you with everything you need:

  • Cabot and Messmers Timberflex log stain
  • Caulk and chinking from Sashco
  • Makita angle grinders and wire brushes (for sanding the logs)
  • Powerful 20 oz. caulk gun from Makita.
  • Clorox Outdoor Bleach works well to take care of that stuff growing on your log walls, decks and rails.

Many of us and our customers can testify from personal experience that these products work and work well and hard. Come into the store and ask for one of our specialists.

If you want in-depth how-to, LogHome.com has a bunch of useful tutorials on log home maintenance. Check out their Log Home Maintenance Checklist in particular: “The key to keeping your logs in tip-top shape is routine inspections. So, schedule some time to walk around your log home, at least every fall and spring, to check up on the condition of your logs. During these inspections, use the following checklist to make sure you’re covering all of the areas of concern.” Read the full checklist here.

The great thing about all these products is that there’re not limited to log homes: you can use them on timber frames (more on those later), wood siding, and even rustic furniture!

Come by your local WBC store to pick up everything you need for log home maintenance.