With the season starting to close up before winter, it’s time to think about the last touches that might get you that home sale or get your home ready for winter. We ran across this article in Better Homes and Gardens to help you do just that. You can run over there and read that and then come back for how to implement their suggestions here in Montana with the best products for your home–and budget.

Back now? Great. Here’s their list with suggestions from us:

Curb Appeal in a Day Projects

exterior-door-glass-panel-custom-wood-880.800x600“Dress up the front door”

If you want to paint or stain your door, Valspar paints and Cabot finishes will fit the bill perfectly. If you want a brand new door (not a bad idea if you want to cut down you power/firewood bill), WBC’s got you covered with all the major door brandsSimpsonJeld-WenTherma-TruMasonite, and OrePac, as well as regular door clearances if you’re looking for a deal. We’ve got hardware supplies (of course! Why else are we a Do it Best member?) and anything else you need for decoration, especially for the holidays. See our Valspar Paint Special.

“Replace old hardware

You name it, we’ve got it as far as hardware goes. If you want to see the whole collection, check out the Hardware section of DoitBest.com.

“Create perfect symmetry”

This one’s up to you. We’ve got anything you need to make your imagination work out.

“Install outdoor lighting”

Check out our extensive lighting line.

“Make your own outdoor light fixture”

This one is up to you again. Since old bottles are not used in most construction or home improvement projects, we don’t carry much there, but anything else–trays, zip ties, galvanized wire, ferrules, I-hooks, C-hooks, you can get it all right here.

“Create an instant garden”

Though Better Homes might be pushing it a little by using “instant” and “garden” in the same phrase, there’s something to be said for container gardens if you don’t have much space or you can’t spend much time on it. Your local WBC has storage containers, planters, and Glacier Gold compost to put in them. Of course, unless you’re into indoor winter gardening (and come to think of it, you can garden indoor with containers), you might want to wait till spring on this one.

mailbox“Do a mailbox makeover”

Yep, we’ve got mailboxes like this one, wooden posts and paint. (A side note on paint: we use a computerized paint matching system so your new paint looks just the way you want it to.)

“Install window boxes”

You can find window boxes and planting pots at many of your local WBCs, as well as the compost to go in them. Plus, if you’re looking for a deal, check out our clearances page regularly.

“Renew planter beds”

You can pick up gardening supplies at many of our stores. See an example ton of our garden-type stuff at the Whitefish store. Check it out!

Curb Appeal in a Weekend Projects

“Add arbors or fence panels”

We have the lumber, hardware and paint for that and more at your local WBC.

“Add outdoor art”

Birdbaths, water garden and fountain supplies, other lawn ornaments–we’ve got it.

exterior-door-dutch-custom-wood“Make a grand entry”, “Add shutters or accent trim”

Moulding, eh? Right up our alley–we’re a lumberyard, after all. Pick from an incredible assortment from Orepac Empire Alexandria and Metrie, and check out a great local custom maker, Burnich. As for shutters, couldn’t ask for a wider selection or better prices.

“Create a new planting bed”

Need pavers or landscape blocks for your new front yard garden? Get them all at WBC. See our Whitefish store page for an example of what landscaping supplies we carry.

“Replace gutters and downspouts”

Check out Do it Best’s great selection of gutters here, then see our how-to article on gutter care.

Curb Appeal in a Month

valspar-exterior“Renew paint, siding, and trim”

Paint, siding and trim–WBC’s the right place. (Side note #2: on siding, you can pick from engineered wood, natural and manmade stone, fiber-cement board, or plain old wood–the possibilities are huge.)

“Tile your doorstep”

Ooooh, tile designs. That’s more on the artistic side, but WBC’s got you covered there too–just drop into your local store.

“Dress up the driveway”, “Build a walkway”

Concrete supplies, pavers, weed blockers, weed killer, concrete stain–we have it.

trex-select-decking-railing“Upgrade railings”

Railings from top brands like TrexTimberTechFortress Railing and plain ol’ lumber can all be found right here at WBC. Check out our current Trex Special!

“Apply stone veneer”

Siding from Dutch Quality Stone and Bozeman Brick are one of the greatest home makeovers you can have.


Whew! If you made clear down here, great for you. One more thing: if you want to save a bunch of money on these or any other home improvement projects, check out our $500 Do it Best Sweepstakes.

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