The WBC Distribution Center is one of our most valuable resources. WBC Distribution’s mission is to serve our stores by stocking the materials the stores need to serve our customers. We take the materials from our suppliers, stockpile them and ship them to our stores–or straight to you.

Fast Facts

  • Our huge corporate yard is larger than some of our suppliers’ yards!
  • Suppliers can deliver straight from their yards to ours via rail.
  • We deliver on time to our stores or right to your job site with an impressive fleet of semis, boom trucks, and Moffett trucks.

What does this mean for you? We make sure that our stores always have the building materials you need–drywall, framing lumber, siding, OSB, plywood, shingles, trim lumber and more–in stock. Store doesn’t have it just at the moment? Have a huge order? No problem. We can ship any of our building materials to your building site within a few days. Need something badly and can’t get it at your local store or No problem. We’ll get to you in a matter of days. Visit your local Western Building Center today and start your project on the right foot! Check out our building materials page for a listing of the stock we carry.