Well, it’s April. Spring cleaning time! If you’re like many of us, your home and garage are probably overflowing with stuff packed in last fall to get it out of the weather and other gear accumulated over the winter. Now, it’s time to chuck the clutter and reorganize for the busy spring and summer ahead. WBC’s spring cleaning tips guide below will show you how!

Step 1: Declutter

do it best organizing and spring cleaning tipsDo you have 50 pairs of shoes? How about all those doodles left over from grade school? Outgrown clothing, old towels or so-so books stuffing the closet? If just too much stuff is your problem, declutter. Take the old batteries or the 10-year-old magazines on a hobby you quit 5 years ago to the dump, get those library books back, have a yard sale or put stuff up on Craigslist or eBay, and donate whatever won’t sell to Goodwill. Get the family involved!

Step 2: Organize

do-it-best-storageNow that you’ve cleaned out the clutter, it’s time to organize the stuff you really need. Install shelves in the closet, put your papers in the file cabinet or baskets, and get those books back on the shelves.

Check out the following video from Do it Best on their shelving solutions:

Step 3: Clean

Then it’s time to clean up the freed-up space – wash the windows, scrub the cabinets, mop the floor.

Whew! It might take some time, but now you’re freed up for a busy summer!

Houzz Spring Cleaning Tips

The Houzz article below links to a ton of room-by-room helpful articles on home organization and declutter:

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