Roof Trusses

We build roof trusses from the highest quality Machine Stress Rated lumber (MSR), sourced from local Montana mills. We manufacture each truss manufactured on a 1” steel layout table and press them twice before scanning the truss by computer to verify quality workmanship. Our trusses will be uniform in size and resist deformation, twisting, and shrinking, thus reducing recalls. As seen above, they can be curved to add interest and joined at any angle to suit your roofline and architecture style.

Wall Panels

We construct our pre-built wall panels in our plant then deliver them to your job site. We build interior and exterior walls complete with headers and sheeting. This process eliminates jobsite waste, and costs less than traditional framing. Your project will be ready for trusses in days, not weeks.

Floor Trusses

We build floor trusses for residential or commercial floor systems. These trusses have a width of 3-1/2”, are 11-7/8” to 24” tall and up to 40’ long. Floor trusses have an open web design that we can design to hide HVAC duct work as well as making plumbing and electrical installation fast and easy. Floor trusses will save you time and money on your next building project.